Christophe Sirodeau:
a small photo gallery

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Michel Raynié playing my 'Adramandoni' in 2012

in Toblach 2016 (Mahler Summer 'hauschen' 1908-1910)

 around Mahler

with Henry-Louis de La Grange, 1989

in Maiernigg 2016 (Mahler Summer hauschen 1899-1907) 

with Leif Segerstam in 2000

in Paris with Innokenty Smoktunovsky (as Vanja) in 1988

Moscow Conservatory with Nikolaos Samaltanos 1994

with Macha Belooussova, Pia Segerstam and Nikolaos Samaltanos, 1995

with Evgeny Malinin 1988


in Moscow with Victor Merzhanov & Victor Bunin, 1998




Pia's corner


14 - VI - 1997


 to be expanded......