Christophe Sirodeau:
a few press portraits and a small photo gallery

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Photos by Victoria Page






With Etienne Barilier, March 2019


With Eiichi Chijiiwa, 4th of December, 2008


in 2019, 20th of July

in Toblach Summer 2016 (Mahler Summer 'hauschen' 1908-1910)

 around Mahler

with Henry-Louis de La Grange, Spring 1989

in Maiernigg 2016 (Mahler Summer 'hauschen' 1899-1907) 

in Mikkeli August 2018 with singers Laura Nykänen and Sami Luttinen 

with Kaija Saariaho and Eiichi Chijiiwa after Paris recital, 4th of December, 2008

with Pierre Dyens, 2008


in Paris with great actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky (as Vanja) in Autumn 1988

Moscow Conservatory with Nikolaos Samaltanos 1994

with Macha Belooussova, Pia Segerstam and Nikolaos Samaltanos, 1995

with Victor Bunin, Montpellier, 2008

with Riitta-Maija Ahonen after Liederabend, February 2002

in Moscow 1994, 6th of October

after 'Leif Live in Paris', with Leif & Pia Segerstam, 28th of February 1996

with Pia Segerstam

with Leif Segerstam in 2000

in Moscow with Victor Merzhanov & Victor Bunin, 1998


Piano Académie in Dijon's Theater, July 1988, with Nikolaos Samaltanos, Eloise Urbain, Claire Désert, Evgeni Malinin, Florent Boffard, Marie-Noëlle Damien


with Olga 'Alyssa' Alexeyevna Lartchenko and Nikolaos Samaltanos, Paris, 1993

with Evgeny Malinin Winter 1988